Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is best things to do while in Bali, located in the Bangli region on the island of Bali, Indonesia. For years tourists have climbed Mount Batur (volcano in Bali) to watch the sun rise above the nearest volcano Mount Agung and Mount Agang, and it is not difficult to see the reason! If you can get up early to drive to the mountain, you will be treated to an adventurous rise in the dark with a stunning sunrise waiting for you at the top. Just last week, I climbed the volcano for the first time and didn’t really know what to expect. In this article I share 6 things you need to know before climbing Mount Batur, including what to bring and how to prepare it.

Hiking to the summit of Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia

First things first, how hard is the increase? For most it will be the most important question that needs to be answered. If you are usually active and have a decent level of cardio, you should not find the increase too difficult. You will read on most forums, easy and practical travel and blog advice channels. You can run it! Yes, that is not entirely true. The climb is two hours (for the most part, faster if you need less rest) and remember you are summing up a volcano that is 1,717 meters high, or 5,633 feet above sea level.


For me personally I find that increase is quite difficult and not easy as some people explained. To be fair, I don’t do too much cardio and if I’m at the gym, chances are the Pilates class is relaxed! However, I was lucky to be naturally slim and young (ish), which benefited me during the increase.

So when you have to understand how difficult the increase will be, to be honest you have to see your personal fitness level and not someone else’s. You know your own body, and will be able to tell early if you will find a difficult increase. You certainly don’t need to practice first (this is a 2 hour increase, not a marathon!), And as long as you rest when you need it, I think anyone can reach the top.

The temperature and climate will differ from one night to the next and also changes along the rise. I would recommend wearing leggings or comfortable shorts, something that you usually use for exercise. By far the most important thing to wear is the right trainer or hiking shoes! I witnessed many girls wearing silly-style boots that slipped when they tried to climb the last part of the climb where rocks and gravel were loose.

Bring a sweater or hoodie for cooler times on the climb, maybe at the beginning and at the top. Throughout the increase itself you might remove this outer layer. I also suggest carrying a waterproof jacket, especially if you are hiking in the rainy season or nearby because you might be raining!

Bring a small backpack and bring your waterproof equipment, extra water, and some snacks. I also highly recommend buying a previous headlamp. You are given a flashlight by your guide, but having a small $ 10 headlight makes the increase easier, especially towards the end so that your hands are free when climbing rocky roads.

Your guide may have some small waters for you, but I think it’s better to have an extra and bring your own too. At the top, your guide will have some snacks, maybe some simple boiled eggs. If you anticipate hunger, bring a sandwich or biscuit. We brought this, but in the end waited to eat until we stopped on the way back to Seminyak.

Bringing a camera is very important! The sunrise at the top of Mount Batur is truly amazing, so be sure to bring a camera, Gopro, cellphone, or whatever your preference for photography. Unless you are a professional, I suggest leaving a tripod at home. Even though you can get an extraordinary time-lapse, it’s quite busy at the top and carrying it up the mountain will feel annoying. If you really want a tripod, I would recommend a smaller flexible tripod and not a large one. But I urge you to put down the camera and enjoy the moment at sunrise after taking a few photos!

Book here for more affordable Mount Batur Trekking Packages

We order our increase with a local company called Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking around IDR 800,000 (~ $ 60) per person. This includes everything, including pick-up and delivery from Seminyak, local mountain climbing guides, water, flashlights, simple breakfast on top, and lunch at a nearby restaurant after the hike.

Usually orders are made via WhatsApp for many activities in Bali, so don’t feel strange if this is the way the booking is confirmed. We received a message confirming the withdrawal at 1:45 the night before and the driver on time. We decided to do a personal ascent only from my girlfriend (update: now husband!) Ryan and I with a guide. There are group tours, but the prices are very similar and it is very good to have a private guide so you can walk alone on the volcano.

The time you are picked up will depend on where you live on the island. From Seminyak, you will be picked up around 1.45 am, Ubud 2.15 am and other locations in the south will be earlier. The driver will pick you up at your chosen location and the trip will take around 2 hours (from Seminyak). After arriving, your guide will meet you in the parking lot and it’s time to start.

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