The Prosecutor’s Office dealt with the TELK fraud in Haskovo

The District Prosecutor’s Office has been self-prosecuted in the case of the TELK fraud in Haskovo, they report from the state indictment.

As wrote, a healthy man got a TEMC solution for a percentage of disability based on false diagnosis – deafness and epilepsy. The investigation is at Nova, which shows a woman from Haskovo, who is a mediator for the settlement of medical documents and TEMC decisions against payment. The woman removes papers for illness without a healthy man going to a doctor. She receives a diagnosis of 72% and 75% hearing loss from a specialist from Haskovo, and a neurologist from Plovdiv – epilepsy with heavy drugs. Later the two diseases – deafness and epilepsy – served to TEMP for the disability.

In the investigation, which is carried out by a police officer from the Ministry of the Interior, Haskovo, the supervising prosecutor has ordered witnesses to be heard, to identify the perpetrator and the identity of the person to whom the ambulance sheet was issued in order to serve before a commission of TEMP, to perform searches and seizures. The time limit for completing the investigation is two months.

Meanwhile, the Haskovo District Prosecutor’s Office has handed over 33 individuals to court in April. Two cases of personal injury were brought to the District Court, so they were married to girls under the age of 16, 10 were for theft, one for using a fake document, and 15 for general crime, among which were drunk driving and holding of drugs.

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