Domestic Violence, A Young Man Beats His Wife

19 cases of domestic violence have been worked by the Haskovo office of the Bulgarian Center for Gender Research Foundation during the first six months of the year. 90% of them are women aged 34-35 who have complained of physical and psychological harassment on the part of their husbands. There are also cases of older women, victims of their sons. These are physical violence, accompanied by physical abuse.

A 30-year-old man from Haskovo has sought help from the foundation by telling him that he was the victim of physical violence on the part of his wife and her mother. A lawyer has been helped to file documents in the court for the protection of the woman. In another case, a man of the same age complained of systemic psychic harassment over the whole family by the father.

6 were the protection orders issued with the assistance of the Foundation in Haskovo until the end of June, several divorce applications were filed. However, 60-70 per cent of the victims do not want to take action against the abuser, Petya Petkova said.

In Dimitrovgrad since April, we have been working with 3 couples who realized they had problems and talked to a psychologist once a week to cope with the violence. There is one of three country offices for innovative social services who have the right to work with abusers sent by the court, but such are not yet available, said lawyer Antonia Filleva.

In the Center in Dimitrovgrad since April, 33 cases of domestic violence have been registered, 27 of the victims are women. The main percentage is psychological and physical violence, there are 3 cases of sexual violence. Two women have been injured by their sons. Six signals from men who are mostly elderly have been worked. According to experts, men want to consult a lawyer and women – both with a lawyer and with a psychologist.

From the next school year, together with the Chance and Protection Association, the Bulgarian Center for Gender Studies Foundation will also launch a project through which trainings and games will work against overcoming violence between couples of school-aged youth.

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