Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is best things to do while in Bali, located in the Bangli region on the island of Bali, Indonesia. For years tourists have climbed Mount Batur (volcano in Bali) to watch the sun rise above the nearest volcano Mount Agung and Mount Agang, and it is not difficult to see the reason! If you can get up early to drive to the mountain, you will be treated to an adventurous rise in the dark with a stunning sunrise waiting for you at the top. Just last week, I climbed the volcano for the first time and didn’t really know what to expect. In this article I share 6 things you need to know before climbing Mount Batur, including what to bring and how to prepare it.

Hiking to the summit of Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia

First things first, how hard is the increase? For most it will be the most important question that needs to be answered. If you are usually active and have a decent level of cardio, you should not find the increase too difficult. You will read on most forums, easy and practical travel and blog advice channels. You can run it! Yes, that is not entirely true. The climb is two hours (for the most part, faster if you need less rest) and remember you are summing up a volcano that is 1,717 meters high, or 5,633 feet above sea level.


International Travel Allows Travelers To Broaden Their Culture

International travel, since ancient times – in purpose, style and destination – has seldom been affected by stagnation. In fact, it is characterized by being in a continuous evolutionary state, enveloping an intricate ongoing skein of globalization, commerce, and faddism.

The original international travelers of the past were basically merchants on missions, in search of profits for their royal patrons, and their travels were more akin to war and plunder than the sense of adventure associated with modern travel.

Usually, their travels were marked by accidents, resulting either in disaster, or in the discovery of new lands. They were essentially well-planned journeys that headed off into the utterly unknown. For example, Robert Falcon Scott’s polar expedition resulted in the entire party perishing.

Christopher Columbus of course thought he had journeyed to India, when he was actually on the other side of the globe.

Modern international travel can be traced to about 35 years back, with the advent of the first organized trips to the Himalayas in Nepalese territory, and thereafter the first commercialized African rafting trips.

World events have changed things so much since. While all through the ’80’s Nepal was the archetypal international travel destination; being caught up in Maoist uprising in recent years, it hardly features in any traveler’s itinerary these days. Bhutan, a mountain kingdom nearby, has been the main beneficiary, and is witnessing a surge in its tourism industry.

Likewise, Ethiopia, which was the location of the original rafting trips in the Blue Nile and Omo, …

Put India At The Top Of Your List For Places To Travel

India, the world’s largest democracy, is one country that shows various contrasting shades in every aspect of life. From snake charmers to high tech engineers, there is an opulence of variations. Travelers who visit India are sure to return.

If western India has desert then the world’s rainiest place lies in the eastern part. There are so many places to visit in India that time will fall short, not the places. To know more about the destinations that are worth visiting you need to follow some India travel tips.

It is always a good idea to do some background reading before you travel in India, so that your experience becomes all the more interesting and memorable. There are no problems related to the accommodations in India.

You can find 4-star and 5-star hotels of international standard with exceptional services and food that can hardly be compared with any other cuisine in the world.

The palace hotels and deluxe hotels in India are a world apart and many of them have even been declared as the “foremost hotels of the world”.

If you are a medium budget traveler, then there are 3-star hotels and many 2-star, 1-star, tourist bungalows, traveler lodges, youth hostels, holiday homes are there for travelers with a small budget.

As a first time traveler if you can look beyond the pollution, dirt and poverty on India, you can surely find that this country has profound vibrations with years of austerities practiced and has a beautiful and unique …

Simple, But Necessary Air Travel Tips

The scenario of air travel has totally changed from what it was even ten years ago. These days flying are an essential part of your trip, be it for a holiday or a honeymoon or for business purposes. The biggest change noticed has probably been in the sector of inland flying, where the traffic has increased manifold.

Better connectivity, cheaper rates and higher safety measures apart from competitive markets have boosted air travel.
There are of course newer rules and safety precautions to be taken, all for a safer journey.

Air travelers must carry all aerosols, gels and liquids in 3-ounce or smaller sized containers. Bigger containers, which may be half full, or else toothpaste tubes that may have been rolled, are restricted. Except for some prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines, baby food and breast milk, and other essential liquids, nothing much can be carried. The travelers must do away with their zip-top, quart-sized plastic bag placing it on a conveyor belt or in a bin for X-ray examination.

Like any other trip it is important to know how to plan for your air travel also. You should be clear about how to reach your destination and through which route. It is also important to be able to understand which will be the shortest and the cheapest route for you. Knowing where you’re going and how to get there safely is as important as the trip itself.

It is important that you pack well and intelligently for your trip.

It …