The Best Resorts In Sentosa, Singapore

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Sentosa Island, a resort haven just south of the island of Singapore.Getty

The island of Singapore is world-renowned for its booming economy and eclectic fusion of Chinese, Malay, South Indian, and Western culture, but its southernmost point serves as a resort paradise that’s difficult to beat. The island of Sentosa is rife with attractions, including Universal Studios Singapore, Marine Life Park, and Adventure Cove Waterpark, making it the ideal breeding ground for the world’s finest luxury resorts. Once guests have experienced the Sentosan life of fine dining, drinking, and lounging by the beach, they’ll wonder how they ever lived without it.

Here are Sentosa’s most alluring properties:Capella Singapore

Capella’s Constellation RoomCapella Hotels

In the heart of Sentosa, the Capella offers the elegance of a luxury resort paired with the beauty of Singapore’s natural landscape. Immaculately designed rooms, suites, villas, and manors sweep across 30 acres of property, with 112 in total to choose from. In the Constellation Room, guests can admire the beauty of the sea from their rooftop jacuzzi, while the spacious Capella Suite includes a balcony and sunbed. The property’s villas come equipped with a private pool and outdoor terrace, while the manors include all of the above with the …